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Our client, GTECH Foreign Holdings Corporation Jamaica, requires the services of a well organized, creative, flexible and goal oriented individual with strong leadership skills, extensive marketing knowledge and exceptional communication skills to fill the post of


Brand Manager


Under limited direction, the Brand Manager plans, organizes, and controls an assigned product line(s) throughout the entire product life cycle. This position is responsible for optimizing product profit potential in a manner that is consistent with marketing, financial, technical and corporate growth objectives.  In addition, the incumbent will also be responsible for ensuring that all departments, from development to sales, are executing in line with product vision and direction.


The Brand Manager will be the sales/marketing liaison between the company and customers for on-line products and all other products assigned. S/He will be required to analyze customer needs, determine their level of satisfaction with and perception of the product and provide data on price response. The Brand Manager will also gather and analyze data on competitors and the image of the company.



Department:               Marketing

Reports to:                 Marketing Manager


Liaises with

Internally:                  All members of staff


Externally:                  Customers/Suppliers/Visitors/Contractors



Principal Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Develop brand strategies in line with company objectives and Marketing Strategy
  • Develop sales and communication objectives
  • Develop brandís sales and marketing budgets
  • Oversee all activities that impact the brand
  • Monitor, review and report on sales performance, expense, and activity results
  • Compile and analyze market data in order to determine the performance of distribution sites, specific groups and types of businesses
  • Work with advertising  agencies and other suppliers, to ensure that the organization maximizes value for its advertising and promotion dollar
  • Perform financial feasibility/profitability studies on all major tactical and strategic initiatives
  • Assist with the development of brand research strategies and oversees the implementation of all brand research projects
  • Work with the Area Supervisor to ensure that Point of Sale strategies are executed
  • Prepare and broadcast necessary media and agent communication materials for the brand 
  • Develop promotional strategies to support brand and ensure that sales targets are met
  • Design and maintain a database of information on the brand to report on observed trends, cycles and sales drivers
  • Develop Growth Strategy and Generate new business, incorporating improvement to the actual services
  • Develop and implement marketing actions for new products
  • Assist the research team to develop methodology to measure the impact and effectiveness of marketing activities, including customersí promotion programs, incentive programs with distribution sites, advertising campaigns and point of sale materials.
  • Engage, inspire and galvanize the organization around the brand vision, position and strategies so they are clear in bringing them to life in their areas of functional expertise.


This description is a summary of principal responsibilities and is not intended to include all duties which may be assigned.



The Ideal Candidate MUST have:

  • A Bachelors Degree in Marketing or Business Administration, majoring in Marketing Management
  • Specialist training and experience in Marketing with wide knowledge of statistics and analysis
  • 2 - 3 years experience in a similar position
  • A proven track record of innovative and growth-oriented advertising and promotional activities


Personality Characteristics

    • Empathy

    • Service oriented and customer focused

    • Good Social skills

    • Strong powers of persuasion and negotiation

    • Creativity

    • Flexibility, adaptability

    • Ability to manage challenges and change

    • Ability to cope with a demanding, high pressure work environment as the degree of complexity of the problems to be solved is high

    • Ability to manage relationships in a business environment.


      Organizational Capabilities

    • Strong Leaderships skills

    • Work on own initiative

    • Must be able to manage multiple priorities

    • Extensive Marketing knowledge

    • Exceptional communication skills

    • Goal oriented and able to drive Sales to meet the short, mid and long term targets

    • Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Power Point



       Ideal Start Date: January 1, 2016


      Applications MUST be submitted to:

      Leahcim T. Semaj & Company Limited


      no later than

      Friday, December 11, 2015

Email: as e-mail text and not as an attachment to:

N.B. To send resumes as e-mail Text:-
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1. Open the application in which the resume has been prepared.
2. Select the File option, highlight Send To and select Mail Recipient.
3. Then proceed to send document as e-mail.

For Hotmail and Yahoo! Users
1. Copy and paste the resume in the body of your email message

We thank all applicants for responding, however, only candidates who have been short-listed will be contacted by telephone or email

Note to All Applicants for the post of Brand Manager
Thank you for responding to this advertisement. Usually we will process all responses over the next 5-10 working days. If your application is being considered, we will contact you via telephone or email to set up an appointment for you.

Occasionally, the process takes a little longer. If you do not hear from us, you may visit our website for an update on the post that you have applied for. The Job Listing page on our website will provide a status report on the processing of the applications.

Wishing you every good thing!

The JobBank

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Job Status Legend
new – means this is a new available post
Accepting Applications – We will accept all applications for as long as this notice remains in place
1st Interviews being scheduled – All applications have been reviewed and a short-list is created. Persons on the short-list are being contacted to set up appointments for interview with The JobBank. No new applications will be reviewed.
1st Interviews being conducted – Persons on the initial short-list are being interviewed during this period. No new applications will be reviewed.
2nd Interviews being scheduled – All 1st Interviews have been completed and a further short-list has been done. Usually there are five (5) candidates that are still being considered at this point in the process and interviews are being scheduled with the hiring company. No new applications will be reviewed.
2nd Interviews being conducted – Interviews are now taking place between the final candidates and the hiring company. No new applications will be reviewed.

Post Filled – The hiring company has selected a candidate and an offer has been made and accepted.

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